How Not To Get Distracted At the Time of a Hunt?

bigstock-136190948Serious hunters are already aware of the fact that hunting game boils down to roughly ninety-five percent of waiting and five percent of actual shooting. Patience is the name of the game and you have to remain very quiet if you want to achieve the best shot. Sometimes it feels as if time is dragging on and you have been in the same spot for ages. The worst part is that you cannot use conventional means of entertainment, such as a portable radio or DVD players, as usual for fear of scaring away the local wildlife. However, experienced hunters are aware of the best way to make every aspect of Guided waterfowl hunting interesting instead of just the tracking and the shooting parts.

Waiting for the right moment

There are numerous instances when you will feel irritated at the thought of being rooted in one place for an undetermined period of time. No matter what creature or creepy-crawly you spot, you have to remain at your spot without much movement until you find the game of your choice. The major hassle for hunters proves to be bad weather. You should mentally prepare yourself to restrict mobility from the get-go in order to get accustomed to the waiting game. The most important aspect that you need to keep in mind is the fact that you should never fall asleep, especially when you are stationed on at the top on a tree stand. Not only is this extremely disappointing but it can even lead to serious injury if you take a tumble by accident. Falling asleep while waiting for a creature to come into view may cause you to miss good game and it might even have been in a position from which you could have easily taken a great shot. The worst part of this is you might begin to snore without even realizing it and then drive away most of the living creatures in your radius.

Remaining alert all the time

The trick is to be aware of your environment at all times. With the rising popularity of MP3 players, a lot of hunters have now begun to bring their own sort of entertainment along with them during their hunting trips. However, if you wish to get a good shot, it is necessary that you remain as alert as possible and keep your ears open at all times. According to veteran hunters, most people actually hear the deer even before they get the opportunity to take a good look at it. Moreover, unless you have high quality headphones, chances are that your music might extend to your immediate vicinity and animals having keen senses will immediately pick up on any kind of noise. There are also some people who are unable to resist tapping their feet to the beat of the music or softly humming along to their favourite tune. This is fine when you are in the city but it is terrible when you are out hunting. So, it is best to avoid music.

Use your senses

It is a good practice for hunters to constantly check their surroundings and focus all of their attention towards finding a good animal to hunt. You should scan the area as regularly as possible and also use your peripheral vision so that no creature is able to escape your attention. You have to keep your ears open to all sorts of possible sounds. Aside from your choice of animal, you will see a lot of different kinds of wildlife and that is always a pleasant experience. Mental games are a good way to break the monotony. Word games are extremely fun and interesting and they help you pass the time quickly. Counting trees or objects is a great way to refocus your attention when it starts to wander. Since you get free time when hunting, it also allows for clear introspection. The main trick is to let your mind wander just for a bit and then divert your attention span for limited periods of time. Then you must again focus your attention back to your surrounding until you feel as though your mind requires another break.

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